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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Other View: Mystery and Horror in YA

Here's what other people are saying about mystery and horror in YA:

Monster Librarian:

I think this might be my new favorite website. Fantastic reviews of all that's new and scary in young adult literature, as well as mentioning content.

Familial Dysfunction in Young Adult Horror Fiction:
Here's my true geek coming through...I actually think this is fascinating! A study in how young adult horror novels almost always have a dysfunctional family, and resolving the family issues is the real resolution of the novel.

So You Want to be a Horror Writer?:

This is someone who completely disagrees with me, and thinks that selling a horror novel (especially if it's your first) has astronomical odds. Still, of all the horror novels sold in the year she refers to 21% were young adult...and I just think that number will keep rising.

Horror for Readers:

Gives great definitions and examples of horror and its subgenres.

A New Era of Gothic Horror:

Great article from 2008 that agrees with me...horror's coming back.

Mystery Genre Study:

A series of questions to ask yourself about your mystery novel.

Writing Young Adult Mysteries:

Quote: Young adult mysteries are often better-written, more exciting and more unique than adult mysteries.
Darn right they are!

The Edgars:

And of course, the award every mystery writer wants to win, the Edgar Allan Poe award.

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